Relish is the modern eco-network featuring video-based programming that celebrates contemporary living, with a layer of stylish environmental responsibility. They are the Canadian authority on contemporary urban living for the fashion forward and the forward thinking, covering food, beauty, fashion, design, lifestyle, entertaining, travel, and home.

The concept

  • Celebratory and uplifting.
  • Modern and stylish colourway.
  • Explosion of contrasting colours.
  • Made up of forming blocks.
Relish primary logo in full colour

The brand standards guide

This document dives deep into the different touch points of the brand. It expands the concept of the logo’s forming blocks into a grid that guides the layout for stationery, social media, and editorial. This concept of forming blocks is representative of their programming content: just like a food dish has multiple ingredients, or a piece of furniture has multiple components, or a fabric pattern has multiple elements, their logo and visual voice have multiple forming blocks that come together to provide an joyful look.

The merchandise

Their Lifestyle Collection provides a sense of occasion every day, by offering merchandise items that are sophisticated and fashionable, without being pompous. Always guided by a positive and celebratory tone, which is best expressed through the brand’s pattern. These merchandise items are created for individuals who are interested in design, food, entertaining and the environment. They appeal to people who care about eco-friendly materials and sustainable processes.

Woman with honey coloured apron holds orange waist straps in a motion to tie them behind her.

Photo: Mikhail Nilov

Multi-functional apron in brand’s Honey colour for kitchen or arts, made of recycled cotton.

White mug with Relish's confetti like pattern, laid on top of a dark wood counter.

Photo: Jessica Lewis

Ceramic matte mug with brand’s pattern, metallic rim and holder, made in a sustainable pottery studio.

Living room ensemble with wood bench, cushions, circular metal accent tables, and wicker mat.

Photo: Maksim Goncharenok

Accent pillows with brand’s pattern, matching fitted sheet in brand’s Sky colour, all made of mixed recycled fabrics.