Magis (meaning “more” in latin) is a car-centric shop specializing in aftermarket customizations and performance packages for muscle cars and hot rods, where all detailed work is performed by knowledgeable artisans. Although the target audience, consisting of car enthusiasts, covers very broad demographics in age, income and profession, they still function as a big family.

The concept

  • A car-centric image representing the industry.
  • Incorporating “more” through a plus sign.
  • Utilizing classic muscle car colours.
  • Iconic retro styling with modern precision.
  • A family of marks representing the close community of car enthusiasts.
Magis concept sketches

The brand standards guide

Establishes the visual voice of the brand by providing not only colour and font systems that represent their personality and speak to their audience, but also includes guidelines for selecting imagery, layout structures for documents, etc.

  • Magis Standards Guide cover
  • Magis colour and font systems - standards guide brochure mockup
  • Magis imagery usage guidelines - standards guide brochure mockup

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The deliverables

Digital mock-ups include stationery and invoices for the car shop, event passes and reusable bags for trade shows, as well as branded t-shirts for merchandising. Besides providing a solid visual of how cohesive Magis’ brand looks like in real life objects, these mock ups reinforce the brand standards guide.

Magis promotional items (stationery, bags, event pass, shirts)
Magis Rollup Display
Magis Store Front Signage

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