Offsite Wood

Offsite Wood is a plugin for Revit and a current client of my studio. It provides high-quality content families of textures, accessories, mass timber detailing and more, that architects and designers can integrate to their 4D building information modelling (BIM).


The design brief asked for an illustration representative of the architecture industry incorporating the following elements:

  • Isometric architectural rough sketch of a two-storey building
  • Human hand holding a paint brush
  • Watercolour pine tree typical of Canadian forests, growing out of the brush

The illustration is used as part of the hero image for Offsite Wood’s home page, along with other BIM components.

BIM components illustration, courtesy of Offsite Wood


The client required two tradeshow booth banners, double sided, incorporating the hero-image illustration and reinforcing Offsite Wood’s visual voice. The goal was to provide the client with flexibility in placement of their brand and message, so they could play with the overall design of their booth for different events.

Tradeshow banner mock up with the tree illustration, QR code to website and text reads: Bring life to your early phase building designs.

Banner #1, front side

Back side of tradeshow banner with text at top, and tree illustration at bottom.

Banner #1, back side

Banner #2, front and back, incorporates a custom pattern background.