Ready Eat Go

Ready Eat Go is a family-run meal prep service in Metro Vancouver, offering delicious comfort food – and also a current client of my studio. Ready Eat Go is laid-back, uncomplicated, homemade and flavourful. Their clientele is formed by busy professionals, families with young children and retirees – all who enjoy international food.

The concept

  • A specific ask from the client was: a rough-sketch type of circle that resembles a dish
  • Colour selection that reminds of food ingredients
  • Organic and warm
Word Ready in tangerine colour, Eat in mango colour, Go in avocado colour. A black rough sketch circle like a plate in the background.

The deliverables

Food content labels have specific requirements from Fraser Health. A fully-compliant template was created for the client to input the descriptions from their menu items, which change week to week. Other stationery items incorporate the bright Mango colour, which was defined as their staple colour.

Two white labels with logo, meal name, meal description, production date, consume by date, storage and reheating instructions. Both over a peach background.
Birds eye view of two business cards, front and back, on a light grey marbled counter top.

Photo: Monstera