Forestry Innovation Investment

During my time at FII, I’ve had the opportunity to assist with a wide array of graphic design and marketing projects, for both corporate and the naturally:wood brand. Here are a few samples of my work:


Two documents were developed in collaboration with multiple staff at FII who provided the copy text and data tables. My role was focused on image selection and layout design, delivering an accessible Word template for staff to edit for future calls for proposals.

Cover page has photo of a low-rise mass timber building facade with clear blue sky. Green banner at the top reads: Forestry Innovation Investment. Wood First Program. 2023 to 2026 Strategy. Published November 2022.

Cover image: Lord Kitchener Elementary School | Credit: Michael Sherman Photography

View the full PDF document here: Wood First 3-Year Strategy 2023-2026

Cover page has indoor view of a school library with double height mass timber ceiling and full height glass windows. Green banner reads: Forestry Innovation Investment. Wood First Program. 2023 to 2024 Investment Plan. Published November 2022.

Cover image: Belmont Secondary High School / Credit: Barry Calhoun

View the full PDF document here: Wood First Investment Plan 2023-2024


Print production design of certificate of appreciation for milestone and yearly anniversaries.

Certificate has bird's-eye-view of green and lush forest, horizontally at the top two fifths of the page, with logo and text "Certificate of Appreciation". Bottom three fifths of the page have recipient's name, anniversary year, and manager's name.
Certificate has bird's eye view of green and lush forest at the top two fifths of the page, with a yellow circular button at the centre indicating the milestone years celebrated. Below that, the recipient's name, celebratory words and the manager's name.


This two-page print project incorporates an accessible colour palette, and QR codes for quick access to more information about the individual festivals.

Poster title reads: "Celebrate Diversity!" in purple, with three semicircles in the background resembling fireworks. Five colourful sections follow below, with info on different festivals. Colours are orange, yellow, pink and purple for a celebratory tone.
Page two of the festivals poster. Follows the same format of colourful sections with semi circles that resemble sunsets, QR codes, and brief descriptions of six events.

Copy text provided by FII staff.


Timeline illustration poster to present multiple activities with a winter holiday theme.

Poster reads: FII Presents Holiday Festivities. There is a vertical line in the middle of the page, that has different milestone points with dates and descriptions of the different events. Each event has an illustration. There's a green ornament, a pink striped gift, a couple star shaped cookies and a red sweater.


In collaboration with the Market Outreach team, I assisted in creating content for While the team provided the copy text, my role involved image selection, design of digital banners, creating headings and eyebrow text, and laying the content into blocks.

Here are some examples of collaborative projects: