Pratt Norman

Pratt Norman LLP is a boutique entertainment and media law practice, proud of their artist and business development history. The spotlight in their logo represents the discovery of great people and how they bring great projects to light. The dark blue in their name signifies trust, integrity and responsibility.
The responsive webpage design is focused on a clean layout with plenty of white space to allow the elements to breathe, while maintaining a serious yet approachable tone to go with their brand personality.

Pratt Norman Logo
Pratt Norman web mockups in laptop, tablet and smartphone
Pratt Norman home webpage
Pratt Norman Team webpage in a tablet
Pratt Norman About page in 2 smartphone screens

Photo credits: Intellectual Property image by Tima Miroschniche, Corporate Organization image by VisionPic.Net, Development & Financing image by Olia Danilevich, Canadian Production image by Andre Furtado, Team, About and Hero images by Olia Danilevich (all from